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It’s the same thing every year…

The Holidays are approaching and
your stress is skyrocketing…

How can you enjoy the festive season before the Holidays?

You’re looking forward to seeing your loved ones, eating good food, enjoying festive atmosphere, yes…  But you’re really stressed about what happens before and you want everything to be perfect! 

The Holiday season preparation almost makes you wish you hadn’t had a holiday. You’re sometimes irritable, tensions are palpable and your to-do list seems endless.

Between the shopping and meals to prepare, gifts to find and wrap for the whole family (and colleagues), work to finish before the end of the year, and the pressure to organize a perfect gathering during which everyone has fun. 

No wonder you’re not looking forward
to the Holiday season!

I know how stressful the festive season can be, on top of the worries of everyday life. I’ve known those times when you just want to throw everything away and wake up on January 2, house clean and tidy. 

No family dinners to cook, no gifts to buy and wrap, no in-laws to deal with… No sensitivities to spare, no annoyances, no endless waiting lines… 

Except that… All those family memories, the smiles when gifts are shared, the laughter that fills the dining room, good food… It all keeps you going. 

Even if you dread the frenzy of the weeks leading up to them as much as the days themselves.

Or if your families are far away, you’re spending the holiday season alone and you’d rather stay hidden stil January 3, so you don’t have to deal with everything that comes with this time of year – that you dread or loathe!

What if you had a little trick to help you ease the Holidays?

Laughter! It’s the perfect way to get ready and enjoy the « before and during » parts of the Holiday Season.

I know what you’re thinking: How will laughter help me make the month leading up to the Holidays more enjoyable?  Here’s how!

Bonjour! I am Linda

Founder of the School of Laughter Yoga/École du Yoga du rire, and First Master Trainer in Canada (One of the first four Master Trainers in the world), I have been practicing Laughter Yoga professionally since 2003.

A Pionnier of the movement in North America, I’ve laughed and worked with thousands of organizations, businesses and groups, and I’m regularly invited by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter. 

I’ve taken training courses, done workshops, learned new techniques that I have put into practice, and changed my way of thinking to rediscover the lightness and good mood of a happier person.

Laughter Yoga is based on the principle of « action leading to emotions ». In other words, intentional laughter can lead to the emotions we often associate with hearty laughter!

With 20 year’s experience, I have developed  wonderful tools to make your eyes shine and your heart sparkle! And now, I’m sharing my expertise with you to help you beat the stress of the holiday season and live this time of year more smiling and relaxed!

Is the run-up to the festive season keeping you from feeling relaxed and ruining the weeks leading up to it?

Advent with Laughter!

An « Advent Calendar » for those who dread the holidays and the period leading up to them…

To get to the Holidays with a smile on your face!

Avent en riant!

You’re used to Advent calendars with sweets, toys, treats and games. Here’s an Advent Calendar of Laughter!

Laugh LIVE with me (Yes! With me!) EVERY DAY at noon – Canada Eastern Time – for 25 days! (So it’s 5PM in UK, 9AM in LA)

Discover the benefits of laughter for…

Less stress, insomnia, impatience, heartburn, clenched jaws, frenzy, melancholy, sadness, guilt

And more of

smile good mood patience

tolerance kindness oxygen

creativity relaxation pleasure

sleep   serenity enthousiasm

joy hilarity  FUN 

With a 15-minute session of intentional laughter every day, you’ll transform your overall mood and make the pre-holiday season as festive as the holidays themselves. 

For less than $2 a day Less expensive than a massage, a good bottle of wine, an hour with your therapist! 

Avent en riant!

The solution for happy AND relaxed family celebrations? Laugh every day!

This year, change things up! Don’t suffer the stress of the festive season. 

Create a new tradition to make the most of this beautiful and festive time of year!

All this because we’re going to laugh every day for 15 minutes live together. There’s no need to think too hard when you know how much good it’ll do if you decide to take action and arrive on December 25 with a lighter, more serene hart, sparkling eyes and relaxed shoulders! 

Treat yourself to Advent with Laughter!, and turn every moment into a little nugget of happiness, creating wonderful holiday memories… And enjoy them to their fullest!

Advent with Laughter!

Avent en riant!

$47 and we donate $15 to Food Banks on Nov. 28 and 29

An Advent calendar for those who dread the holidays AND the time leading up to them…

✔️ Join me every day for an online intentional laughter session so we all get ready and make the holiday preparation
a fun, playful, sharing moment!

Connect every day at noon (Eastern Time)  5PM UK, 9AM PT… with the link you get after registration!

I invite you to discover
the best version of yourself this Advent! 

What our clients are saying about us!

This was pure joy and as the days went, I could feel a shift in my energy and mood. Daily practice is amazing!

Starting my lunchtime break with laughter helped me to cope with stressful situations. And the MAJOR PLUS was how my mood changed and stayed more positive every time!

Nicolas B.