I have been teaching Laughter Yoga for over 15 years and always talk about Norman Cousins and the way he healed himself with laughter.

His book « Anatomy of illness » was a best seller for years and when I read it, it made a huge impression on me. How can someone heal himself from a fatal illness ?  Not only come back to normal life but, most importantly, lead a healthy and active life for years?  He knew about health. Obviously more than the average person!  But because of that, he was curious enough to look for options to help himself outside of the traditional way we practice medicine. Consequently, he healed himself, wrote and published a book that changed lives!

Because of him, doctors and researchers started to be interested in this topic: the benefits of laughter.

Norman Cousins might have been a unique case for them but what he triggered is simply amazing and ground breaking!

I have to say that similarly, my experience with pain management has a happy ending.  I started to practice Laughter Yoga after being in a car accident that left me with permanent damage. As a result, most days, I have pain in my neck. Maybe it is only a coincidence but, as a result of laughing intensely for over 10 minutes, it seems like my pain is always completely gone!  So I am certainly a big advocate for laughing intentionally!

While I was researching something for my Master Class program, I found this brief video where we hear the story directly from the man himself. So I am sharing it with you here.

Tell me…

Now I am curious. How many of you have a similar experience? Changing your physical condition simply because you laughed heartily for 10 minutes or so. Have you felt your physical pains lowered or vanished?  I am eager to hear from you!  Please send me a word!

Enjoy watching him here.