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    Did you know that you can laugh on command?

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    To Laugh: To express joy through movements of the mouth and facial muscles accompanied by irregular audible exhales.

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    Laughter is contagious! And it feels amazing…

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Have a dazzling day and be HAPPY!

The benefits of laughter are proven!

Laughter yoga – also called intentional laughter – is a revolutionary concept that could change your life for the better. Experience our dynamic, stimulating and effective programs to combat and release stress, awaken your joie de vivre (joy of living), and improve your health. At work or in your personal life, laughter and well-being are guaranteed!

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Receive tips from Linda to inspire joy as well as an audio excerpt to help boost your mood and trigger laughter

Are you ready to feel happier?

  • You used to love to laugh?

    You aren’t alone. You’re looking for ways to relax, to rediscover pleasure in your life and at work, to share positive moments with your colleagues, friends and just to feel happier in general.

  • Have you become like a pressure cooker?

    You are not alone! The daily news is worrisome, you have to do more with less, responsibilities and pressure is coming at you from all angles, insomnia, clenched jaw, impatience. Everything has become so serious…

  • Need some concrete assistance in order to succeed?

    Our programs are tried and tested. Thanks to our expertise, our knowledge and our professional methodology, we provide you with lasting results. For you your team, and your group.

What our clients have to say…

Linda Leclerc delivers events that are filled with JOY!

Geneviève TremblayBonheur en Vrac

It was exactly what our team needed as this presentation fits perfectly with our company’s philosophy and thinking. Dynamic, unifying, motivating and energetic!

Marc Patry, CFP, RHUAssocié Principal, PPTA

What a great workshop! A truly enriching half-day for the whole team. Not only did we learn the benefits of laughter but also about prevention in terms of mental and physical health. These workshops foster healthy lifestyle habits including physical exercise and good nutrition!

Valérie LeGrosGestionnaire de programme La Maisonnée

GREAT tools for a great MOOD!

Chaque jour la JOIE!

Ravivez la JOIE dans votre cœur et profitez pleinement de tout ce que la vie a à vous offrir!

Un superbe programme d’auto coaching à faire à votre rythme.

French Program

S’entraîner à la joie!

Pour qui est prêt à marcher le pied léger en sifflotant dans la vie!

French Program

LET’S LAUGH! Laughter Exercises

On your phone or tablets, an app to help you laugh whenever you need it!

Our Programs

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Laughter Yoga in companies and groups

The benefits of laughter yoga are tangible and measurable. Increase productivity, promote positive interpersonal relationships and foster better mental health in the workplace by integrating the innovative MAXI-LAUGH component into your next corporate or training event.

For even greater dividends, plan a monthly “Wellness and Mental Health at Work” program for your company or organization. Ask us HOW! Lengths vary from 20 minutes to six hours.

Corporate workshop

Staff and work meeting

Conferences and seminars

Planning meeting

Reward program

Wellness and Mental Health at Work (various themes)


Laughter Yoga for individuals

The benefits of laughter yoga no longer need to be proven. Countless research has shown how laughter can be good for one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Choose from our programs or sign up for private sessions.

Laughter Club

One-on-One coaching

Public lecture

App for phone or tablet

Leader or Teacher training seminar

Online programs