• When was the last time you laughed?

    Learn to use intentional laughter to be happier!

Do you want to laugh more often?

You use to love laughing?

You’re not alone! You’re looking for ways to relax, to find happiness in your work and in your life again, to share joyful moments with your coworkers, friends and to feel happier in general?

Are you under pressure?

News are worrying, you need to do more with less, responsibilities and pressure comes from everywhere. Insomnia, clenched jaws, impatience.. Everything became too..serious…

Do you need help to get there?

Our programs can help you! Thanks to our experience, our knowledge and our professional methodology, we can help you achieve long lasting results! For you, your team or your group!

The solution? Laughter Yoga!

What is laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga – also called intentional laughter – is a revolutionary concept that could change your life for the better. Experience our dynamic, stimulating and effective programs to combat and release stress, awaken your joie de vivre (joy of living), and improve your health. At work or in your personal life, laughter and well-being are guaranteed!


Linda Leclerc is the founder of the School of Laughter Yoga and the first Master Trainer in Canada (and one of the four first Master Trainers in the world),

Pioneer of the movement in North America, Linda Leclerc has laughed and worked with thousands of organizations, businesses and groups since 2003 and is invited regularly by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter.

The Joy Element

Listen to Linda’s podcast to discover her guests’ joy element! Get inspired by these interviews and use the tips and tricks that are shared to discover (or rediscover) the joy element in your life!


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Vitamins for Joy

Yesterday I was going to a TV studio for a “twice a month” segment on Laughter Yoga and the (numerous) benefits of laughter. I was talking about the “Joy Vitamins”. What do you do to make sure you have a good Joy Diet? First question I asked was : Do you take vitamins? and if […]

How can we go on in such turmoil

Uncertainty. Confusion. Tragedy. There’s a lot of that around us right now, you feel it too? What’s happening in our world upsets me and breaks my heart. I read about all these things and want to help, but I feel so helpless in the face of it all. And I imagine you probably feel that […]

Want to laugh in French with me?

HAHAHA! I just made a short video for Christmas time – to help people to relax, release some stress, breathe and laugh a bit more during the frenzy of the Season’s Holidays… Here it is. Click this link. Even if you don’t understand EVERYTHING I say (you might just be surprised how much you actually […]

What our customers say!

A conference with Linda is a joy happening!

Geneviève TremblayBonheur en Vrac

That’s exactly what our team needed and this workshop is perfectly aligned with our company’s philosophy! Dynamic, gathering and punchy!

Marc Patry, CFP, RHUAssocié Principal, PPTA

What an awesome workshop! A rewarding half-day for our entire team! Not only did we learn about the benefits of laughter but we also had some prevention when it comes to physical and mental health! These workshops set good life habits on the same level as exercising and eating well!

Valérie LegrosGestionnaire de programme La Maisonnée

Happy customers!