Ideas, tricks, and exercises to smile every day. To do for 25 Days!

What if you started the next 25 days smiling?

Inside 25 days of smile, you’ll pick up some and set them to keep smiling every day.

During this program, you’ll take advantage of what’s already in your life to be happier, smile more, and in a good mood in order to develop the right reflexes and attitude that will help you stay on the “joyful” side!

Smile… Life is beautiful!

Inside this program, you’ll learn how to use the power of smiling every day and the benefits it can have in your life! Every day, you’ll receive inspiration, an exercise, or a sweet note that will make you smile!

You’ll experience the power of a smile without even knowing it and at the end of these 25 days, you’ll be smiling more and feeling lighter! You’ll start your day with more peps and positive energy!

when was the last time you smiled?

You feel a little depressed like you don’t have a lot of reasons to smile? Even though you know that smiling could help you but you just don’t have the time (or the energy) to start a long personal development program…

You want to smile more and experience little joyful moments every day but you don’t know where to start…

Or you don’t see what could make you smile in your life anymore…

Imagine yourself in 25 days… with a big genuine smile!

You start each day with a smile on your face because you feel lighter

You have more energy and you’re ready to embrace life to the fullest

You feel in a better mood and you’re breathing “la joie de vivre”

Every day, you take action smiling

Should we start?

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I accompany you every morning, for 25 days, with a task that will spark joy to start the day… smiling!

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all of that for less than a coffee per day!


I created this program to help you wake up the smile in your life. My intention is to remind you of what’s already in your life to make you smile every day. Nothing complicated but daily inspiration. A caring and smiling reminder. Just for you. Every morning. With no pretension but full of affection!

I am the founder of The School of Laughter Yoga and the first Master Trainer (and one of the four first Master Trainers in the world)

Pioneer of the movement in North America, I have laughed and worked with thousands of organizations, businesses, and groups since 2003 and am invited regularly by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter.

Open your eyes (and your emails) and trust the process to get the most out of these 25 days together!

25 Days of Smile

25 $

A fun program that lasts 25 days where I accompany you every morning. You’ll identify what makes you smile, laugh, and play and you’ll remember the importance of smiling and being present. It feels good and it’s fun!

You have access to

✔️ video capsules

✔️ audios

✔️ texts

✔️ reflection ideas

✔️ accessible and simple ideas

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What our customers say!

I wanted first to subscribe to “partir du bon pied”.. but the email link led me to discover “25 days of smile”, I chose this one. And I’m not disappointed: it’s such a pleasure to see and open one of your “feel good” emails every morning — on day 5, I surprised myself singing that song on repeat 😉 It’s true that a smile helps start the day!

A simple reminder in my inbox every morning and I start the day paying attention to how life is beautiful. Simple. I really liked this experience. And I keep my beautiful mug near me to remind myself to smile and enjoy life! Thank you!

Nicolas B.