• Laughter Yoga

    Wellbeing through laughter


Founded in 2005, the School of Laughter Yoga is a unique resource for everyone wishing to…

  • Use a powerful, effective, and quick method of stress management;
  • Rediscover the simple pleasure of laughing and enjoy the associated benefits;
  • Get the Laughter Yoga Leader or Teacher certification, recognized by Laughter Yoga International;
  • Have more fun! (Oh yeah!)

A resource for a company or organization that wants to offer employees or members an effective and enjoyable way to

  • Gérer le stress;
  • Améliorer le climat de travail et les relations interpersonnelles;
  • Increase productivity, performance and creativity;
  • Reduce absenteeism;
  • Stimulate motivation and positivity – Happier team;
  • Be more confident and in better health.

This is a great way to foster a positive corporate culture!


Linda Leclerc is the founder of the School of Laughter Yoga and the first Master Trainer in Canada (and one of the four first Master Trainers in the world),

Pioneer of the movement in North America, Linda Leclerc has laughed and worked with thousands of organizations, businesses and groups since 2003 and is invited regularly by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter.

Our logo is very symbolic.

The yellow and red circles are people laughing together. The first navy blue line that joins them represent the connection between people through laughter. The fading lines are the ripples of joy created through shared laughter which flow outwards. In laughing together, we create a positive link between us and that happiness has a beautiful impact on those around us.

Let’s spread the happy virus!

What our customers say!

A conference with Linda is a joy happening!

Geneviève TremblayBonheur en Vrac

That’s exactly what our team needed and this workshop is perfectly aligned with our company’s philosophy! Dynamic, gathering and punchy!

Marc Patry, CFP, RHUAssocié Principal, PPTA

What an awesome workshop! A rewarding half-day for our entire team! Not only did we learn about the benefits of laughter but we also had some prevention when it comes to physical and mental health! These workshops set good life habits on the same level as exercising and eating well!

Valérie LegrosGestionnaire de programme La Maisonnée

Happy customers!