How can we go on in such turmoil




There’s a lot of that around us right now, you feel it too?

What’s happening in our world upsets me and breaks my heart.

I read about all these things and want to help, but I feel so helpless in the face of it all.

And I imagine you probably feel that way too…. yes?

Events beyond our control sometimes cause us to stumble on our way.

They can be frightening and horrifying, especially when it seems like they’re everywhere. Social media, headlines, radio, TV…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re sinking.

If you’re feeling this way, I want you to know this:

You’ll be okay.

You’ll be OK.

Everything will be OK.

Because the world has you. The world has us. WE are here.

The world needs us in all our glorious light, to help lighting the way, fulfilling our miracles and dreams.

We must take care of our hearts. Because that’s where the light comes from, the light that illuminates the shadows.

We are the guardians of our dreams. And these dreams in all of us must be manifested in the world to help it heal.

Let’s remember this when we’re afraid or uncertain.

We’re all going to remember that, me with you, and take responsibility for bringing our dreams and goals to life.

I can do it. One breath, one laugh, one smile, one heartbeat at a time. And so can you. Because we make the world a better place. One smile and one laugh at a time. Let’s sing, let’s dance, let’s smile, let’s love… let’s cultivate the JOY in our hearts.

Let’s keep on being and loving this world and being the light that shines in the dark.

With huge loads of love, deep smiling inspirations and knowing that we’re all capable of miracles.

Say it with me: Peace begins with me (I’m even including a link to do it with me in a one minute video!)

Laughter, joy and health


Sometimes we just don’t like change

I got a message from a business coach this week. He was saying that sometimes we just don’t like change. And most of us can relate to that. The unknown can be scary. If change involves someone or something taking away our security blanket, or moving us out of our comfort zones, then – no – we don’t like change. But in reality, everything is changing. Always!

The world is changing.

Our job is changing in some way.

Technology is constantly changing (that can drive me crazy!)

YOU are changing.

Change is the fabric of life!

When we initiate change, we are more excited. We see it as an adventure! When circumstances – or perhaps someone else initiates change – then we balk. We don’t necessarily like it. We don’t see the vision. We just see the immediate discomfort or pain.

What can we do about change since it is constant?

We can drag our feet and complain. Or we can figure out what good can come from the change.

How could it help if your attitude was different?

Is there anything you can do about it?

How can you adapt to the change?

How can you make the most of the change?

What adjustments do you need to make?

How can this become your new adventure?

Transition…the very word means to move from one stage to another. What exciting thing might happen to you if you ask yourself: “Regardless of how I got here, how do I move on from here?”

Laughter yoga helps me tremendously in dealing with changes. I know myself. I can be prettttttttty  disturbed and resisting. I have a tendency to be nostalgic of what used to be. Yeah. I do.

And reading this message made me realize that I HAVE NO CONTROL whatsoever on everything changing in my life!  But where I do have control is on the way that I REACT to all that and the way I CHOOSE TO SEE it. So this might just be my next year’s resolution (HA!  I never do that but I just might this year. I can change too!). See changes as an adventure, as something brand new in my life, as new possibilities for me to learn something.

Let this sit in your mind for a while: When I decide to change something, then I feel safe… when life changes something, then I’m scared…

Let’s tame that dragon and laugh at that!

Food for thought!

Be well

Health, Joy and Laughter

Your HAHA Sister, Linda

Thank you David Draney – The Tactical Strategist  for that inspiration!

My Laughter Club… keeping me sane!

This week, we will be celebrating our 13th anniversary in Gatineau! 13 years of sharing laughter – and sometimes tears! – and being happier week after week… In my case, I have a confession to make. This commitment required a lot of love and attention and work, but it probably saved my sanity over the years!

I’m just like every body else! It’s not because I’m a Laughter Yoga professional (I made it my business for over 7 years now) that I don’t experience the “not so cool” times in my life. I’m upset, I’m frustrated, I’m sad, I’m hurt… and I’m stressed! But this weekly commitment, to show up, lead a laughter yoga session with whoever is there, well it has been a sanity savior for me!

Whatever challenge I’m facing, whatever difficulty or storm I’m dealing with, having to be there and laugh with my Laughter Club Family is making me feel sooooooooooo much better! Week after week…

Sure, sometimes, I think it’s a lot of work and some evenings I’m really not in good shape when I arrive. Sometimes I even apologize right at the beginning for my lack of energy or stamina… but what happens is that I FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING while I’m there laughing with whoever showed up that night! And frankly people don’t SEE my mistakes or my tiredness. They simply enjoy every minute with me laughing – as I do with them!

Seriously guys, a social laughter club might be the BEST THING that happens in your life as it is in mine! I’m not kidding!

The physical experience of going somewhere TO LAUGH with others is simply so very rewarding and we all feel so much more connected to each other after an hour of sharing laughter. Nothing compares to that…  well, let me think… Nope!  Nothing compares to that!

So what are you waiting for? DO IT!
It is worth every minute you get involved in that.
Be well and keep smiling
Your HAHA Sister, Linda

Vitamins for Joy

Yesterday I was going to a TV studio for a “twice a month” segment on Laughter Yoga and the (numerous) benefits of laughter.

I was talking about the “Joy Vitamins”. What do you do to make sure you have a good Joy Diet?

First question I asked was : Do you take vitamins? and if yes, what for?

One person was – to help his health – the other was not, but thought it could help her health.

Well guess what? You can take “Joy Vitamins” to boost your feeling of happiness and joy! What are they?

Here are just a few examples of what your “Joy Vitamins” could be:

– Wear bright and cheerful colours (and not just black, grey and navy!). And if you can’t because of your workplace dress code, wear bright colours socks or underwear! I had mine on!

– Make yourself some Laughter cocktails (and do the Milk-Shake laughter!) when you are thursty! (The guests on the TV set simply LOVED that exercise!!!) and fill them with magic powers! Drink your Laughter potion!

– SMILE SMILE SMILE!!! This is free, easy and quiet!

– Expose yourself to happy noises! Listen to happy music, laughter CDs…

– Use “Laughter yoga on the phone”.  Or on Skype. You can do it at most time of day!

– Join a laughter club! and if you can’t, well, go back to the previous point! haha!
Want to bet how much better you will feel?

I guarantee you will because… Action creates emotion!

And that’s a fact!

Love and Laughter

Your HAHA Sister, Linda

Big or Small… Seize doesn’t matter

Sometimes people think that we need to have a large group in order to deliver our teaching programs and be laughing a lot.

Well, that’s far from true!

In all the years I’ve been running my laughter club (12 years this November!) and teaching CLYLeaders (and CLYTeachers), no matter how many people show up, we ALWAYS laugh our heads off!

So don’t worry if you only have 2, 3 or 4 people registered for your programs, or if only 2, 3 or 4 people show up for your club session! You will be laughing anyway! Maybe even MORE! Because there is a special and strong bond that is being created between those brave and beautiful souls who showed up… and that, my friend, is called LOVE! I think that this is the greatest gift we get and give. The ripple effects might go far…. very far!

You know what? I truly believe that whenever my heart tells me “GO anyway”, I’m in for a wild and fun ride! hahaha!

Love and laughter

Your HAHA Sister, Linda

Want to laugh in French with me?

I just made a short video for Christmas time – to help people to relax, release some stress, breathe and laugh a bit more during the frenzy of the Season’s Holidays…

Here it is. Click this link.

Even if you don’t understand EVERYTHING I say (you might just be surprised how much you actually WILL understand!), you will be laughing in French my dear ones! Can you believe it? You will be bilingual in your laughter!

Oui oui! (That’s yes yes in French!)

Everything we learn with fun, play and laughter, is wayyyyyyyyyy easier than what we though to begin with!
And THAT’S a fact! haha!

Love and laughter

Your HAHA Sister, Linda


I was trying to explain the whole concept of Laughter Yoga to a man I met in a networking event and while he was really laughing with me (we did the Greeting Laughter), he kept saying: “Seriously?”

And I kept telling him, YES it’s very serious why we do it! YES we laugh for a serious reason: because it is plain and simple good for us! We FEEL better, we are more productive, we are in better mental shape. And YES the more you allow yourself to do it, the happier you become!

About one hour later, we’ve met again in the crowd.  The minute he saw my face, he started to laugh. But the funny thing is that the people he was with at that time ALSO started to laugh when they saw HIM laughing for no reason!
Ripple effects? I really think so… Seriously? You bet!

Love and laughter

Your HAHA Sister, Linda


In 2008, after being involved in the Laughter Yoga community for over 5 years, I started to sign my emails with these words: Your HAHA Sister, Linda. It made such good sense because whenever I was laughing with people, I felt a deep and strong connection between us. Something that was coming from deep within, touching the bright and pure part in us. LOVE. So this idea of creating a community of women laughing came very naturally. It was a given! For the ripple effect of love that a woman’s laughter can create… magic!

My vision for this community is both simple and grand. Laughter, like love, knows no limits. Thinking of the Sisterhood, I see women laughing and loving each other, worldwide.

Because anything we do with this intention can translate into a tsunami of love! Touching the lives of so many… even those we don’t know.

We care, we nurture, we love, we protect, we support, we educate, we feed, we heal… Think about all the beautiful roles we play in this world! Now think about how much we can touch and impact lives if we do that with a conscious laugh, a smile and joy in our heart!

We are all more alike, in our frailties and strengths, than we are, in our differences. There is no other, we are all truly ONE. What you experience is also within me and vice-versa. I wish for all of us to be with a group of women where there will be no ragged edges, just unconditional love, all the time. Even if we might sometimes be vessels full of cracks, how about we fill ourselves with love, gentleness, ease, laughter, wonder and acceptance. We are mirrors for each other that help each other love ourselves, be brave, be gentle…be light…be laughter!

I want for us pure love and soft lines to enfold us. And LAUGHTER BRINGS THAT. And because we have such a tremendous impact on our families, communities, and world…as we guide, care, nurture, support, protect and love them, it is even more crucial that we do it consciously so we bring even more love and light into this world!

I absolutely want to highlight the contribution and thank a small group of very special women, who were there with me during a weekend that saw the germination of this heart-felt movement buoyed by laughter. Katie West, Ina Lukas, Jill Johnson, Anne Timpany and Rebecca Foster, I have no words to describe my feelings of gratitude, humbleness and love for you. You helped bring this dream of mine to life and put words to this vision and mission. Not only was that weekend the beginning of what is now the HAHA Sisterhood, it was a beautiful love fest!

Now Sisters, let’s do this consciously and feel the powerful wave of love we are creating around us! You are not alone in this! We are together, and we are all committing to doing it every day!

I love you.

Your HAHA Sister, Linda

Good days… and not so good days

We all have our days when things are going so right and perfect! It feels like nothing can get us down nor stop us. These days are wonderful and we all love to have them. We wish they would never stop!

And then, we have our days where we wonder why we even bother… What we did to deserve such crap or misery. Even if the sun is up and sky blue, we just don’t see it, feel lousy and wish they would never begin! One word to describe our state of mind then: lousy.

Yes… they all happen.

When I don’t sleep well or if I don’t feel good when I wake up, my feeling is that I’m being tested! Will she stay in that mood or will she switch and be present to the beauty of the moment? See, I didn’t say “will she be happy” but I used the word “present”. Important nuance.

These days are there for a reason. We are human beings and as such, we experience feelings, emotions… stuff!
So the challenge for us all is to pay attention to these days when we feel like clouds are surrounding us (even in a day where the sky is blue and not grey!). Thank the emotion or feeling, and then start to smile. I’m saying SMILE. Keep doing it. The minute you find your face getting too serious or long, SMILE.

Want to bet that your mood will change?!

I’ve been testing this method lately. It really worked! I’m not saying that my day completely changed and that the worries went away completely. I simply noticed the beauty surrounding me, saw SOMETHING else than my worries and smiled at my challenges. My shoulders relaxed and my breathing went deeper and easier.

My conclusion? It’s like you are giving yourself a beautiful HUG and you feel better… Try it! I guarantee you might just enjoy yourself then!

And that’s a fact!

Be well

Your HAHA Sister, Linda