• Corporate Keynotes and Workshops

    Programs specifically designed to reduce stress, increase productivity and collaboration, induce laughter & help your team to feel happier at work and at home!

Did you know Canada recognized mental health as being a priority?

Our presentations, talks and workshops aim to help your team’s personal development skills with programs designed to identify their stress factors and tools to manage their stress as well as helping them create personal health programs using laughter as a tool to stay positive, energetic and create a positive work environment. Working on site or remotely, you will experiment the power of Laughter Yoga for your team!

Your team could be less stressed and happier!

Our programs are designed to help your team understand the importance of laughing at work and at home and the impact that laughter can have on their team spirit, their productivity, their motivation and their mental health.

They develop tools to help them turn their mood and energy around, manage their stress level and ways to bounce back from a difficult situation faster.

Your team is happy to come to work, in a better mood, more motivated, productive and collaborative and create a safe environment for everyone to work in.

Have you noticed…

Your team being under stress for a while and you see members on the edge of burnout?

A lack of motivation and tensions rising in the office?

Or maybe you just can’t remember the last time your team laughed together?

It’s time to try an innovative, and efficient, solution to bring back happiness in the workplace!


Coming to work every day to a thriving, communicative and efficient team

Having less tension in the office and knowing that your team can communicate and collaborate with each other

Being able to overcome their “negative thoughts” and not let them ruin the day

Creating a “happy place” at work where you can laugh and still be productive

Choose one of our corporate programs to create a happier work environment for your team! Onsite or remotely!

Quelle est votre priorité?

1 – Reduce stress among my team

2 – Give my team a relaxation time as well as exercises they can reuse

3 – Help my team improve their team spirit

1 – Stress Terminator

What if your team members were taking some time to let go of the pressure together?

With this program, your team will learn how to identify their stress factors and will get concrete exercises to reduce stress quickly and efficiently.

They’ll get a 12-day game plan as well as a summary of the tools and exercises they were taught so they can keep doing the work on their own.

At the end of this workshop, your team members are more relaxed, they’re more cooperative, communicate better and they’re more motivated!

2 – Maxi-Rire™

When was the last time your team really laughed together?

With this program, your team will not only learn how to identify their stress factor, but they’ll develop their own roadmap to use laughing as their stress relief tool!

With practical exercises, inspiring reflections, and relaxation tools, your team is relaxed and happy and they have a toolkit to reuse their newly acquired skills in their everyday life, at work, and at home!

3 – Rire 101

What if your team took a wellness break?

Throughout the course of this seminar, your team will identify stress signals that come up during periods of stress or crisis in order to better understand and manage them.

They’ll use breathing, brain gym, and mindfulness exercises. They’ll also get a workbook to review their discoveries and reflections as much as they want.

At the end of this program, your team is better equipped to manage their energy and their coworkers’, they’re more attentive to each other and know how to diffuse tense situations.


I created these programs because… I was one of you a few years ago and I know the pain of being too stressed and too serious in the workplace. Well, I was always known for my good attitude. My employees and colleagues were counting on my sense of humor and positive attitude.

But one day, I realized that I became way too serious and on the verge of burnout. Laughter Yoga helped ME to get rid of lots of nasty stress and to still do my work seriously but no longer take myself seriously!

Big difference! I became more productive, and more open-minded and got better results. So I wanted to share this powerful tool with you!

I am the founder of the School of  Laughter Yoga and the first Master Trainer in Canada (one of the first 4 in the world).

A pioneer of the laughter yoga movement in North America, I have laughed and worked with thousands of organizations, businesses, and groups since 2003 and am regularly invited by the media as an expert to speak about the benefits of laughter.

To make the most of our programs, you’ll need to try and experiment and be willing to participate actively in the exercises. Consistent practice is best to establish new habits which is why we also work on creating regular occurrences with your team based on your specific needs.

Enjoy our corporate programs