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Integrate Yoga Laughter Techniques In Your Work or Start a Laughter Club

Develop your skills!

Whatever you call yourself: trainers, health and physical therapists, leisure or human resources speakers, nurse or teachers.. or none of it!

You can too spread happiness by becoming a certified yoga laughter teacher, and helping with our mission of sharing the benefits of laughter and happiness!

What our customers say!

A conference with Linda is a joy happening!

Geneviève TremblayBonheur en Vrac

That’s exactly what our team needed and this workshop is perfectly aligned with our company’s philosophy! Dynamic, gathering and punchy!

Marc Patry, CFP, RHUAssocié Principal, PPTA

What an awesome workshop! A rewarding half-day for our entire team! Not only did we learn about the benefits of laughter but we also had some prevention when it comes to physical and mental health! These workshops set good life habits on the same level as exercising and eating well!

Valérie LegrosGestionnaire de programme La Maisonnée

Happy customers!