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Linda Leclerc is the School of Laughter Yoga and the first Master Trainer in Canada (and one of the four first Master Trainers in the world).

Pioneer of the movement in North America, Linda Leclerc has laughed and worked with thousands of organizations, businesses and groups since 2003. Linda is invited regularly by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter.

What users say

Linda Leclerc delivers events that are filled with JOY!

Geneviève TremblayBonheur en Vrac

It was exactly what our team needed as this presentation fits perfectly with our company’s philosophy and thinking. Dynamic, unifying, motivating and energetic!

Marc Patry, CFP, RHUAssocié Principal, PPTA

What a great workshop! A truly enriching half-day for the whole team. Not only did we learn the benefits of laughter but also about prevention in terms of mental and physical health. These workshops foster healthy lifestyle habits including physical exercise and good nutrition!

Valérie LegrosGestionnaire de programme La Maisonnée