• History of Laughter Yoga

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Laughter Yoga Today

  • Laughter Yoga as we know it has been practiced since 1995

  • Laughter clubs exist all over the world

  • Hundreds of thousand of people practice Yoga Laughter every day

History of laughter yoga

In March 1995, in a park in Mumbai

A generalist, Dr. Madan Kataria, prepared an article titled “Laughter, the best medicine” for a magazine that he published in his community. His research helped him discover an astonishing quantity of scientific publications showing the benefits of laughter on the human body and spirit. He was particularly interested in the book of the American journalist, Norman Cousins, The willingness of healing in which Cousins tells about his healing of an ankylosing spondylitis thanks to laughing. Multiple research grabbed his attention, amongst them was Dr. Lee Berk’s research which mentioned laughing allows to reduce the stress level in the body and has an impact on the immune system.

Knowing is good, but taking action is better! Dr. Kataria decides right away to experiment and take advantage of this seemingly powerful activity himself and gather a few people in a garden pub where the first laughter club is created. With his wife’s help, Madhuri, a yoga teacher, they create different techniques using deep breaths, stretching, and funny exercises that stimulate laughter. Laughter yoga was born!

Intentional laughter was already used elsewhere in the world – in fact, Dr. Annette Goodheart, a psychologist, used this technique during her therapy sessions with patients.

Laughter Yoga as we practice it today is a modern therapeutic method using laughter as an exercise and it relies on research that started as soon as the 1960s.

Laughter Yoga lays on the principle that “action triggers emotion”. In another word, the fact of intentionally laughing (provided that you’re doing it with all your energy) can trigger the emotions that we often associate when we’re laughing out loud.

Hello, Happy!

Learn more about laughter yoga

Le Yoga Du Rire

Co-written by Linda Leclerc and Corinne Cosseron

This book is full of tricks, ideas, and information and is perfect for practitioners or non practitioners!

Laugh for no reason

Dr. Madan Kataria

The book of reference of Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the laughter club movement.

Today, laughter yoga is used in many different contexts and can provide a valuable tool in work settings, associations and organizations as well as in hospitals or at home.

Laughter leads to addiction! Laughing can develop into a strong addiction! Once hooked, you want more! And once you learn about all the health benefits, it has just the effect you need!


In some specific instances, laughter yoga might not be recommended. Those suffering from serious and uncontrolled health issues, hernias, angina, eye problems or those who have recently undergone surgery should not attempt to do the exercises without consulting a doctor. You could try laughing softly or simply smile. Use common sense: no pressure, no new pain.

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